Sometimes In The Face Of Our Greatest Adversities We Find Life's Greatest Value...

A Tragic Accident Several Years Ago... Changed The Way
I View Life & Business And Ultimately Led Me To A Rare
Opportunity To Be Part Of Something Very Significant...

Watch the above video first where I share how a tragic accident with our 2 year old son changed the way I view life, business and people and THEN Click HERE to view the video with Dallin & Karree introducing this rare opportunity to be part of something significant AND then get back with my business partner and good friend...

Kelly Williams

First of all, I want to thank you for visiting this web page. You have been invited here by myself or a business partner. What you are about to discover, just very well may be the beginning of something significant in YOUR life as it has been in mine and many others.

There is a highly likelihood you have absolutely no clue who I am or perhaps you know who I am but don't know my story. My name is Kelly Williams....

...I am the tall, proud dad in the back trying not to ruin the picture of a very good looking family, all the credit goes to my beautiful wife. My family is my greatest asset and blessing in my life. (We've had 4 more additions to our family since this picture was taken and 1 who is missing as I explain below.)

What is Kelly Williams story?

We all have a story that makes up who we are and what led us to this point in our lives. I believe the value of our existence on this planet isn't determined with the amount of money we have in the bank (we can't take it with us) but by the number of people we helped along the way. I feel my story may very well provide some value to you in your life as you contemplate whether to take the next step and learn more about what we are doing.

I am a family man, blessed with 6 awesome children and 6 of the cutest grandchildren you'll ever find on the face of the earth..and of course there isn't any bias in that statment. :-)

I find life's greatest pleasures by simply spending time with my family laughing, playing games, camping, fishing or cheering them on at one of their sporting events or other activities.

Like many families, we can be a bit goofy at times...

...well, most of the time.

But there isn't going to be anyone who says we didn't enjoy our time on this journey we call life.

I have been very fortunate to have been in business for myself since 1989, which included owning and operating 7 Subway Sandwhich franchises, being a Master Franchisee for another franchise brand and building a very successful financial services company.

However, during this entreprenurial climb something extremely difficult, painful and very unexpected happened that changed the course of my life and business.

It was a 4th of July weekend several years ago and we had plans for a fun and exciting evening planned with some of our close friends and their families at our home later that Saturday night.

Oh, how suddenly plans change and our lives can get completely turned upside down.

As I was rushing around that afternoon to pick up some last minute things for our get-to-gether, I received a call we never want to get. It was from my dear wife, Andrea, informing me in a very panic stickened voice, that our 2 year old son had been discovered in the bottom of the deep end of the family swimming pool. Please come home quickly.

My mind tried to convince me this wasn't really happening and it was only a dream but the sick and painful feeling that overcame me let me know this was no dream. An indescribable pain that only those who have gone through such a experience can understand, filled ever part of my being.

The closer I got to our home, the more intense the pain became. When I got to my street I discovered a fire truck blocking traffic so emergency vehicles and personnel could get through...the reality became even more real.

An opening was made so I could quickly pass and when I saw the life flight helicopter in front of our home and my other children sobbing on our front lawn while being comforted by some neighbors, the pain became more than I felt I could humanly endure.

As I entered our home and saw the paramedics working feverishly on the lifeless body of our young son, it was all I could take and I went into my bedroom and cried. I pled to God for his help. I had this immense pressure in my chest as though someone had reached in and was squeezing the life out of my heart. I felt like I was dying.

Shortly after, Andrea came in the room and told me that we had been instructed to leave immediately for Primary Children's Hospital to meet the Life Flight helicopter. The car ride was very quiet. Not a word was spoken.

We both were in shock. We both knew Keaton was likely not going to make it, but we wanted to hold on to the hope that a miracle would happen. And miracles did happen, and the first occurred on the drive to the hospital.

After leaving for the hospital, my unbearable pain, turned into bitterness and anger that caused me to want to blame Andrea for allowing this to happen. How could you let this happen? Kept pounding in my head.

These feelings of bitterness, anger and blame seemed to grow stronger the closer we got to the hospital, because I knew we would be faced with the news of Keaton's death.

I kept these feelings to myself as we both remained silent for the 20 minute drive. I just wanted to scream out, how could you, but I never did. When we were within a short distance from the hospital, Andrea turned to me and in the most pleading way said these words, which I will never forget, "please don't hate me."

As I looked at her, a new flood of emotions came over me. I thought, "how could I be so selfish. And for that brief moment, I saw what God was seeing, a broken mother completely crushed by consuming pain and guilt."

We both cried and held each other tight. Every feeling of bitterness, anger and blame was replaced with an overwhelming feeling of love and compassion for the woman and mother I love, and that love has grown deeper and stronger from that day forward.

We were blessed with 16 more hours with our little Keaton, to say our good byes and have some more miracles occur before he passed away.

The miracles that occured for me, was I became a changed person. From that point on, I have never had even a thought that Andrea or anyone else was to blame for what happened to Keaton, this was God's will. I also began to look at life, people and business through the eyes of my heart and my spirit which has served me well during the last 20 year roller coaster ride of being an entrepreneur. This painful and difficult experience became my "wake up" call to what is important in life.

So fast forward to the end of November, 2016 I was invited to go to a "home meeting" by a friend. I was informed that the couple hosting this meeting would be introducing to a small group of people a new direct sales company they would be launching at the beginning of the year (2017).

I'll be honest, I was not jumping up and down to go because over the years I have been involved in several network marketing companies along with my own "brick and mortar" businesses. Despite the fact that I was able to make some pretty decent income with the majority of the direct sales companies I participated in, I became less and less enchanted with the industry...

...not because the industry itself is bad but primarily because of what it can do to some people. I got tired of the greed filled "look how awesome I am and how much money I make" mentality of many of the corporate and industry leaders, yet they lacked the genuine values and character to sincerely help others...the very reason why I was attracted to the industry in the first place, people-helping-people.


...I worked very hard only to discover the possibility to create a legacy income to pass on to my children and grand children was only possible if I allowed the business to take over my life.

Please don't get me wrong, I have met some incredible people and leaders along the way who I will always consider friends but there have been just enough people, companies and experiences that soured me to the industry.

So when I got this invitation to attend this "home meeting" I felt I would be exposed to some of the same hype and fluff pitch and greed filled leaders that turned me off before. However, I was curious to find out what they were introducing because I had heard of the gentleman before because of his well decorated past in building two other extremely successful companies here in Utah.

Unfortunately or fortunately, how ever you want to look at it, due to a business trip to LA I was unable to attend but because of my curiosity, I requested information from the gentleman who invited me. I ended up watching a video from my hotel room in LA late one night, the same 15 minute video that you will view.

But as I watched, my heart got involved... didn't take long into the video when I realized this was different...I was completely taken off guard by an unexpected and overwhelming feeling that...

...I not only wanted to be part of their vision & mission but it was what I had been searching to be part of for years.

I could feel Founder's sincerity in putting together a business and culture that would truly make a difference in people's lives... wasn't about the money, or even building a 3rd billion dollar company but about being instrumental in making a positive impact on a million people, then another million...

I felt strongly that ALL of my prior experience (good and bad) was preparing me for this time in my life. How grateful I am for those experiences and for this new discovered opportunity.

Prior to Keaton's death, the only thing that seemed to matter in business was the bottom line, but after his death, my business desires, aspirations and connections went from my head to my heart.

I became passionate and determined to focus on businesses where I could devote my efforts to helping others. I wish I could say that I found that ideal business path years ago, however, that wasn't the case.

Though I've been blessed to be able to work from home since 2007, and love the control, freedom and flexibility it provides, I still had to go through the school of hard knocks along the way. As much as I hoped, I could never align myself with the right company with the right people running it for the right reasons, one which also aligns with my own core values...

...UNTIL now!

Since viewing the video, I have had the opportunity to spend time in the home of the founders and learned first hand, they are just as sincere and kind in persona as they appear to be in their introductory video. But as I mentioned, I have been down this road before and did not want to go down the road again unless I could, without reservation, throw my heart into.

I had the opportunity to have an early morning, hour long, one-on-one, heart-to-heart visit with the founder on January 2nd, the day before the soft launch. When he started our visit with, "I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I have learned and grown from each one" and went on to share his vision and those things which he values in life, I could feel his sincereity and by the time our visit ended I realized I had found a home.

Both experiences escalated the feeling that this is the right company, with the right products, at the right time and the right people who created it for all of the right reasons.

I not only agree with but live by the Founder's core values of God, Family and Business. I firmly believe a company driven by the right people for the right reasons will not only succeed but THRIVE!

I have often wondered what it would be like to be part of one of the iconic network marketing companies right from the beginning.

One that grows into a household name all across the world...

...I am confident, I no longer have to wonder. I truly believe this company will indeed become one of those icons in the industry and a year from now, five years from now and even 10 years from now I, along with many others will be soooo grateful we got involved when we did.

The official soft-launch was on January 3, 2017 and the grand opening launch event will be in the early summer. We are part of the founding group located right here in Utah (the home of the company) along with some of the top industry leaders who are leaving their companies to be part of this because they feel like I do, this is home.

We all came because we felt directed here. To be part of something special and significant that is not driven by greed but by a higher purpose to truly make a difference in the lives of people all over the world.

Click HERE to view the video that started it ALL and get back with...

Kelly Williams

Don't wait for a tragic accident like losing a child like I did, to be your "wakeup call" to what truly matters in this life...take of control of your financial future and get your time back so you can spend more of it with those you love AND help & serve others along the way!

If after watching the video and getting all of your questions answered, you do end up taking the next step and join with us in something that is destined to become a household name and change millions of people's lives, I look forward to getting to know you and adding value to your life.

If not, that is ok. I wish you well in whatever endeavor you end up pursuing.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page.

Have a fabulous rest of your day!

Kelly Williams
"Make It A Pajama Commute"

PS The company will be opening up first in the US and Canada followed by Hong Kong within 30-45 days. If you are from the US, Canada or Hong Kong or have connections in these is the time to get in front of the wave.