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16 Minute Video: Reveals The Vision
Of An Incredible Couple Of What Will Truly Become A Household Name Around The World.
Rarely Does One Have An Opportunity In Their Lifetime To Be At The Very Beginning Of A Company That Is Being Lead By A Man Who Has Built Two Other Billion Dollar Companies...This Is Your Opportunity

"Yah right!", "I've heard a pitch like this before..." These are the thoughts I initially had after I received an invitation by a friend to come to the home of this successful businessman.

However, I was just about to rack this up as just another hypey full of fluff inticement for me to take a look, until I learned who this successful businessman was that was creating this company. I knew they had been instrumental in creating tow other billion dollar companies here in Utah and was much decorated for his achievements.

Though I couldn't attend the small group meeting at his home because I was on a business trip...I felt it wouldn't hurt to at least take a few minutes to view the video. Though I knew of this gentelman's tremendous success, I was still very certain I would be contacting my friend back after viewing the video and telling him that I watched it but I was going to pass on it.

I did not expect what happened to happen...

The further I got into the video, especially at the end of the video, I felt a spark inside ignite that led me to feel that I had to be part of what they were creating. I felt drawn to their vision of creating something significant that would impact people all over the world.

What surprised me even more was an overwhelming feeling that this was what I had been searching for for many years and now it was there staring me in the face. Despite my successes, and failures of the past, they had all been leading up to what was now going to be part of my future...and it felt very good!

I also realized that we rarely get an opportunity in our lifetime to be in the very beginning of something that grows to positively impact peoples lives all over the world. I sensed that this was that RARE opportunity.

My name is Kelly Williams. I am the tall, proud dad in the back trying not to ruin the picture of a very good looking family, all the credit goes to my beautiful wife. My family is my greatest asset and blessing in my life. (We've had 4 more additions to our family since this picture was taken and 1 who is missing as I explain below.) You have been directed here by me or a member of our "people helping people" team and we Thank YOU!

Who is this Kelly Williams guy and what is his story?

We all have a story that makes up who we are and what led us to this point in our lives. I believe the value of our existence on this planet isn't determined with the amount of money we have in the bank (we can't take it with us) but by the number of people we helped along the way. I feel my story may very well provide some value to you in your life as you contemplate whether to take the next step and learn more about what we are doing.

I am a family man, blessed with 6 awesome children and 6 of the cutest grandchildren you'll ever find on the face of the earth..and of course there isn't any bias in that statment. :-)

I find life's greatest pleasures by simply spending time with my family laughing, playing games, camping, fishing or cheering them on at one of their sporting events or other activities.

Like many families, we can be a bit goofy at...

...well, much of the time.

But there isn't going to be anyone who says we didn't enjoy our time on this journey we call life.

I have been very fortunate to have been in business for myself since 1989, which included owning and operating 7 Subway Sandwhich franchises, being a Master Franchisee for another franchise brand and building a very successful financial services company.

However, during this business journey of mine something extremely difficult, painful and very unexpected happened that changed the course of my life and business.

It was a 4th of July weekend several years ago and we had plans for a fun and exciting evening planned with some of our close friends and their families at our home later that Saturday night.

Oh, how suddenly plans change and our lifes can get completely turned upside down.

As I was rushing around that afternoon to pick up some last minute things for our get-to-gether, I received a call we never want to get. It was from my dear wife informing me in a very panic stickened voice, that our 2 year old son had been discovered in the bottom of the deep end of the family swimming pool.

My mind began to try to convince myself this wasn't really happening and was just only a dream but as I rushed to my truck, I knew it wasn't a dream. An indescribable pain that only those who have gone through such a experience can understand, sank in.

The closer I got to our home, the more intense the pain became. When I got to my street I discovered a fire truck blocking traffic from traveling our street so emergency vehicles and personnel could get through...the reality became more real. I was allowed to pass and when I saw the life flight helicopter in front of our home and my other children sobbing on our front lawn and being comforted by some neighbors, the pain became overwhelming and I felt I was going to pass out.

As I entered our home and saw the paramedics working feverishly on the lifeless body of our young son, it was all I could take and I went into my bedroom and cried. I pled to God for his help. It felt as though I was dying as I had this immense pressure in my chest as though someone had reached in and was squeezing the life out of my heart.

I didn't die that day but our youngest son, Keaton did, after we were blessed with 16 hours to accept this tragic accident as God's will and to say our very difficult good-byes as he was being kept alive by life support systems.

Though I won't get into all of the details at this time, suffice it to say, this experience created a giant void in my heart and became my "wake up call" to what is important in life. It led to a massive change in the way I live my life...

...changes which occured not only in my personal life but my business life as well.

Prior to Keaton's death, the only thing that seemed to matter in business was the bottom line, but after his death, my business desires, aspirations and connections went from my head to my heart. I became passionate and determined to focus on businesses where I could devote my efforts to helping others which I believe eventually led me to the launch of this company (movement).

Here is the exciting part...

The company's pre-launch isn't scheduled until January 3rd, 2017. However, I am part of a founding team and we are able to get people positioned before this date. There is no cost to lock in a position and you will have until January 3rd, 2017 to decide if you want to activate your position.

Honestly, it makes no sense to not lock in a position, there is absolutely no obligation.

I'm confident I've given you enough information about me (perhaps more than you care to know) and I hope at least enough information to peek your curiousity to lock in a position and/or request the link to view this video that has added fuel to my fire to help others.

It is decision time...

Yes, you need to decide if you want to take 16 minutes out of your life to learn more about what could very well significanly enhance your financial situation.

Don't wait for a tragic accident like losing a child or grandchild to be your "wakeup call" to what truly matters in this life...take control of your financial future and your time so you can spend more of it with those that matter most and help others along the way!

Simply text your full name & email address to the red phone number showing below to get the link to the video. If you also want to me to lock in a position for you, just include in your test the phrase "Lock In"

(Text example: Lock In Robert Jones - replace Robert's info with your own)

If you have read this far, I am pretty certain you are at least curious enough take the next step and view the overview webinar either live or recorded. Don't be like the crowds of people who view this website and do absolutely nothing yet complain about their financial situation.


Text the word your full name and email address to the number below...Don't Wait!

(Text example: Lock In Robert Jones - replace Robert's info with your own)

If you do end up taking the next step by getting the video link, like I did, you may very well realize, like I did, that this is something very special that will not only change your life but you will be part of something significant that will be changing others. If this be the case, I look forward to getting to know you and adding value to your life by being your partner along this journey.

If not, that is ok. I wish you well in whatever endeavor you end up pursuing.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page. Have a great rest of your day!

Kelly Williams
"Make It A Pajama Commute"